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So I had this cute little sketchbook that my sister gave me before Lumos, in which she instructed me tyo collect aweseom sketches by awesome people? The sad sad result? I got only two. Thank god I scored these two by andreanna and paintisevil! Because they're brilliant.

Who you are: glockgal
Characters featured in the fanart: Charlie Weasley
Artist's name paintisevil
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Who you are: glockgal
Characters featured in the fanart: Arthur and Molly Weasley
Artist's name andreanna
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Who you are: glockgal
Characters featured in the fanart: Colossus + Wolverine + Alex and Scott Summers
Artist's name cathybites

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And here we have art that I managed to snag for myself.  Um...from only two people.  How in the world did that happen?!?!  Granted they are two of my favorite people in fandom, but still!  Clearly I need to work on my 'omg draw something for me' face for Prophecy.

Fanart posted by: cathybites
Characters: Snunicorn, Molly (from the Runaways), and Sam and Dean Winchester (from Supernatural)
Warnings: er.  only one is HP-related?
Artists: tbranch and glockgal (sitting in a tree...)

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HP - HarryDraco paint by Sherant

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I cannot thank these awesome ladies enough for drawing me such fantabulous art!! Especially sherant, because I know she was exhausted and just wanted to go to bed and yet she still drew for me. ^.^ THANK YOU ALL!! These are getting framed and hung on my wall, I'm serious. ♥

Fanart posted by: maxine_chan
Characters: Harry and Draco (in all five of them - heeeey, they're my OTP, what can I say? =P)
Warnings: Um...maybe slightly not work safe in two of them? Nothing too bad. Nekkid!Draco bum in Sherant's, and jacuzzi-ness in Cathy's.
Artists: buttfacemakani, glockgal, sherant, cathybites, and andreanna.

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cornucopia of love

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These were from the other activity at the fanartist gathering.  Each person was given three pieces of paper and had to write down a character, an object, and a place.  The suggestions were placed in three piles and each artist grabbed a prompt from each pile and had to draw whatever it was. 

And the rest was history.

Fanart posted by: cathybites
Characters: many, many, MANY characters.
Warnings: crackiness and some NSW stuff inside.
Artists: glockgal, bzzinglikeneon, andreanna, shabzilla, sherant, cathybites, javawombat, and longleggedgit (tbranch and paintisevil!  do you have your pictures from this?  because they were not in the pile. ;___;)

as Glock said: DO NOT REPOST ART WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE ARTISTS. Do not steal bandwidth. Etc etc.

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I'll start!

One of the nights a group of fanartists gathered and drew some insanely fun collaborations and exercises. One undertaking was a round robin, where each artist first got two minutes to draw a starter drawing, then passed their paper around the circle of artists, where each would take tuen embellishing the drawing for one minute each.

The result, as predicted, was crack.

Fanart posted by glockgal
Characters: A LOT. Expect many variations of Dobby, Snape, Squid, Harry and unicorns.
Warnings: Some of these pictures are crack and have adult themes. Not Work Safe.
Artists: In no order: tbranch, cathybites, bzzinglikeneon, paintisevil, sherant, javawombat, longleggedgit, glockgal, andreanna. Not all artists participated in all round robins.


They're all 24 of them uploaded in this folder: http://www.twinners.org/lj/lumosrr


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I have opened up lumpsfanartists to the general public, so! Everyone is free to post any fanart that they drew/received during Lumos 2006. No need to join the community unless you really want to, but posting and commenting is open to all.

If you post art, please let us know:
Who you are
Characters featured in the fanart
Rating and/or warnings, if necessary
Artist's name (LJ name, or just a first name)

If you need webspace to upload any art, please email me and let me know: glockgal at gmail.com

Also, do pimp this community out to anyone who has fanart/access to a scanner! We love to share and bring the art back to the artists. ;D